Employment Candidates

At ECVC we work with you to determine your placement needs and what would be the optimal employee for placement. We evaluate, pre-screen and work diligently at matching our clients with available jobs within your organization at absolutely no cost to you.

Below are just a few of our potential employees that can help to fill a role within your company to bring purpose to both the employee and the culture within your workplace. If you are in need of a special skill set that you don't see here, please give us a call and we will be sure to match you with the perfect candidate.

Contact us at 252.347.0317 or send us an email at empservBD@ecvcinc.com.

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Taneshia Valentine - Job Seeker

Rachel Stancil

ECVC Job Candidate

Jason Ennis

ECVC Job Seeker

Recently Hired & Employed through the ECVC Job Placement Program

Congratulations to our recent new job hires! We know you will be a success wherever you go and will be an asset to your employer and community. Way to go!

Employment Candidate - Bobby

Cracker Barrel's Newest Employee

ECVC Job Seeker

Recently employed at the Pitt County Landfill