ECVC Janitorial Services

ECVC proudly offers janitorial and general office cleaning services to companies in Pitt County and the surrounding area. Staffed entirely by ECVC employment services candidates, we're able to provide meaningful employment to individuals and provide a valuable service to organizations throughout Pitt County. Contact us today at 1-800-758-4188 to learn more about our janitorial services, inquire about pricing or to schedule a consultation.


Our Clients

Pitt County Couthouse
Pitt County Detention Center
County Buildings on 9th, 5th, 6th & 3rd Street
Tax Collector & Assessor Buildings
Probation Office
Human Services Building
Health Department Offices
Buildings & Grounds Offices
Pitt County Agricultural Center
Ignite Innovations Charter School

Animal Shelter Office
Farmers Market Office
Small Claims Court
Pitt County Development Building
Pitt County Elections Office
Pitt County Landfill Offices
Prep Shirts
Greenville, NC RTI Offices
Creative Living Center

General Cleaning Services

We are available for one-time or contract cleaning services. Our typical services are listed below, but other commercial cleanings services are available as well. We always take special care to follow any of your specifications carefully, and we understand that every office is a unique environment that requires unique care.

Our Services

Spray and wipe all countertops, desktops and sinks

Clean and disinfect restrooms

Clean front door and window glass

Dust all flat areas, ledges, room dividers, windowsills, blinds, ceiling vents and other areas where dust would gather

Empty all wastebaskets and remove all trash to the appropriate disposal area

Dust mop and damp mop all hard floor areas

Thoroughly vacuum carpet and carpeted mats